Sports courses

Sports courses



20 $

Under the banner of proper mind in the healthy body

Our goal is not material but sincerity in action

The Rumeli International School in Esnioort hosts the Summer Sports Club with a dedicated trainer for all games

Which includes the following recreational and educational sports: -

1 - Football game / definition of the rules and rules of the game of football

Train the player on the basics of football

External competitions in competition

2 - Chess game: teaching the player mechanism mechanism stone (theoretical lesson)

Teach the player to play with his opponent

External participation with competitors in other schools

3 - table tennis game / know the player rules of the game

Know the player's game mechanism and how to handle the tool

Conducting competitions between the players

4 - Badminton: knowledge of the rules and rules of the game

Know the player how to move the stadium and how to control the tool

Conduct competitive competition within the group

5 - Gymnastics: teaching the ground movements in gymnastics

The course will start from 23/6/2018 until 18/8/2018
males and females
Ages 7 to 14
the days

Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday

From 10 am to 1 pm

The monthly subscription fee is 250 TL

The club note is equipped with all the required tools and provides a tool for each participant in the tournament

Do not miss this opportunity ,chart your future by reserving your seat in this course